April 04, 2017 :: Issue No 24
  • Making a delightful experience for content editors is one of the primary functions of Umbraco. With that in mind, Anders teaches us how to pull the primary colors from images and use a custom property editor to select which colors to use on their pages straight from the back office.

  • The websites we create can cause unintended consequences for our users, as some may encounter points of friction from barriers and setbacks that we may be unaware of from our own life experience. Kyle shares his recent challenges with eating, and how that has made him more thoughtful about the human cost of decisions we make with our code and design.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • publication queue.png

    Publication Queue

    Save yourself (and your editors) time by sending those newly updated pages to a publish queue to be processed in the background while ya'll move on to more important things.

  • inlines-html-help-label.png

    Inline HTML Help Label

    Need to give your content editors more help text and or example images? This is the package for you. It adds a new property editor that allows you to show HTML in your content pages as properties. Sweet.

  • nathan-woulfe.jpg


    A workflow solution for Umbraco. Plumber adds a heap of useful bits and pieces to Umbraco, to allow multi-staged workflow approval for publish/unpublish actions.

  • jeffrey-schoemaker.jpg

    What's New in Umbraco 7.6

    The beta of Umbraco's 7.6 'major minor' has been released, with new features and having tackled over 100 issues! Let's take a look at what's changed.

  • dictionary-extension.png

    Dictionary Extension

    This sweet little package lets you create dictionary items as you're coding so you don't have to make them in the backoffice as you go. Another time saver!