July 31, 2017 :: Issue No 28
  • We might be Umbraco specialists, but when it comes to organizing local community events most of us are novices all over again. Callum helps us eliminate some of the pain points with solid advice on the important phase of preparing for a conference, using his experience in organizing The Cogwork's Umbraco UK and Umbraco Poland festivals.

  • When we're stumped by a particularly pernicious bug in our code, or can't get a design to gel properly, sometimes the best solution is to step away from the problem (and maybe even your desk) altogether and put our minds to something completely different to reset and gain a new perspective. Chriztian shares his experience doing just that, turning the dreaded YSOD into a song in the process.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

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    Tired of reminding your clients or QA team to do a hard refresh when testing frontend bug fixes? Install this cache busting package and you won't have to!

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    Making Umbraco ATAG and WCAG-compatible

    Everyone should be able to maintain a site in Umbraco, even the visually impaired. Read about the work in progress to make it ATAG/WCAG compatible and get involved!

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    Beautiful User Management is now a thing!

    In case you missed it, Umbraco HQ announced the beta version of Umbraco 7.7 earlier this month. Check out everything that's new and shiny!

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    Slack Health Check Notification

    Umbraco Health Check notifications to your Slack channel of choice?! Yes, please!

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    Here's Where The Story Ends

    Another good one about working with editors, not against them when it comes to refining their editor journey when a project has launched. Sounds boring, but totally worth the read. Plus how to Tweet a blog post from the Umbraco back office. Bonus!