May 02, 2017 :: Issue No 25
  • Umbraco Forms is highly extendable with the ability to add both custom form controls and custom workflows. Richard walks us through his experiences and lessons learned, giving tips and tricks on how to get the best uses out of Forms for your business needs.

  • Sometimes you just want to override the Umbraco backoffice's functionality for a client, like adding a custom button into the content editing view. But you don't want to modify the core and it's not a feature to put in a pull request. What do you do? Dave is here to help, showing how you can override core functionality without the mess of touching core code.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • umbraco-logo-teal

    Codegarden: A first-timer's manual

    Never been to Codegarden? It can seem intimidating, but we guarantee it's worth it. Here are some tips to ease your way.

  • ulovei.png

    Login to Umbraco Backoffice Using IdentityServer4

    A great tutorial on how to set up your Umbraco site to log in using IdentityServer4 (or any other OpenID connect or OAuth 2.0 Authentication Service).

  • darren-ferguson.jpeg

    Moriyama Azure Search

    For those times when you are load balancing and you need a highly scalable index that is shared by all Umbraco instances.

  • text over images.png

    Text Over Image Editor

    Save yourself some time with this package that gives you all your content editors need to add text over their images.

  • uspinmerightroundlogo.jpg


    You know when you upload an image and the orientation is wrong. So annoying. With this package, you can fix it within the Umbraco back office. Total time saver.