June 06, 2017 :: Issue No 26
  • Unit testing Umbraco when doing test driven development can be challenging. But Gary guides us through how to write testable code much more easily thanks to his Umbraco Context Mock package.

  • Implementing Single Sign On in Umbraco using SAML is an effective way to integrate Umbraco into a larger estate of IT systems, making new sites for corporate clients of all sizes easier for their internal users to access securely. And with Paul showing us how, we can learn how easy it is to implement.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • cg17.jpg

    CG17 Videos and Slides

    Weren't able to attend CodeGarden this year? Or maybe you did, but you didn't quite make it to all the session you wanted. Have no fear, the videos and slides are starting to role out. Look for the corresponding icons on the CG17 website and catch up!

  • wildsite-creations.png

    Senior Developer? Really? Is that your job title??

    An introspective and honest blog post we think a lot of us can relate to, and what this author is doing to tackle his fear and gain confidence.

  • sitelockpng.png


    You know when you're in pre-production and you need the site up so your clients can see it, but it shouldn't be available to the general public? Yeah. This package.

  • doctypeinspectorpng.png

    DocType Inspector

    Save yourself some clicks when figuring out which pages use which doctypes with this snazzy little package that shows you basic info about a page with one right-click.