No 89

It’s All About Knowledge Sharing – the Unique Role of Umbraco Festivals

by Malene H. Rolsted

There's a thousand great reasons to attend Umbraco festivals. But for Malene, one of the most important is sharing our knowledge. She shares her thoughts with us on how this benefits everyone, increasing our collective Umbraco intelligence in the process.

Wanna Contribute? This is My Story.

by Michael Latouche

Inspired by Umbraco? Do you want to contribute back to the Umbraco community, but you're not sure where to start? Michael shares his story of what his first steps into Umbraco were, and the many different ways he started to contribute back. There's so many ways to contribute to Umbraco that there's at least one that's right for you!

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Umbraco Together

17-18 November 2022

London, UK


DK Festival

24 November 2022

Aarhus, DK


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A curated collection of Umbraco and industry related tools, tips, tricks, and tutorials from around the web.

Umbraco backoffice SSO with GitHub

credit: Nijas Hameed

Umbraco 9 has made significant improvements on OAuth support that enables member and back-office user to login using external login providers! Nijas's article shows us how to use a GitHub account to log into the Umbraco backoffice, which is so neat!

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Back to the Front-end: Exploring the Future of the Umbraco UI

credit: Matt Brailsford

Umbraco's UI is getting ready for a big change, and Matt has written a series that digs into the nitty-gritty of what you'll want to know about what's coming up so you can be prepared! There's a lot of milestones Umbraco has hit and plenty more to come so get up to date with him!

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Admin Only Property

credit: Lotte Pitcher

Presenting necessary content to your editors and protecting sensitive information and settings are two incredibly important features. Lotte's package allows you to set properties to be viewable only by administrators, handling both of these things!

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credit: Andy Boot

If you want to jump right into custom indexing, then Andy has got your back! Indexy allows a developer to effortlessly create custom Examine indexes within Umbraco by simply adding a few options to the website appsettings.json file.

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Upwest Bundle Member Logins

credit: Upwest

If you're looking to streamline your registration and login forms for members, then Upwest Bundle is a new package to get you moving quickly through that process. With 2-factor, SMS, extra login providers and more features, you can get your integrations synced in a jiffy!

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